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Many construction companies are required not only to have health & safety programs but to be in good standing with the Workplace Safety & Insurance Board before they can bid on a contract regardless of their price. However, the true problem is not having a procedure to include in a tender but having no systems in place to ensure the company is protected from liability in the event of an accident or an inspection from the Ministry of Labour. We specialize in:

  • On-site activity such as site supervision, audits, tool box meetings,
    JHSC meetings, etc.
  • Safety Program Development
  • Construction Training Programs.

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For the organizations identified below Raising the Standard Consulting Inc. has provided various services such as conducting regular inspections, providing on-going safety & health supervision, developing programs and conducting training.

On a regular basis we provide:

1) Safety program development for:

  • Hazard specific procedures
  • First aid provisions and emergency procedures
  • Incident notification, investigation and follow-up procedures
  • Inspections
  • Site safety requirements (material storage, personal protective equipment, equipment and machinery, public and occupant safety, personal conduct, etc.)
  • Discipline procedures

2) Training requirements:

  • Identify worker training under the Act and Construction Reg., (WHMIS, first-aid/CPR) that needs to be carried out.
  • Identify certification, trade and JHSC certification and specific training (confined space, scaffold erection, cranes, forklift, fall protection, etc.) requirements.

3) On Site Activity:

  • Review contractor & site supervisor's responsibilities. Ensure general health and safety rules are being implemented. Identify progressive discipline where required.
  • Conduct project health and safety tool box meetings. Verify subcontractors' representatives to the JHSC (meeting minutes, inspections, etc.).
  • Ensure proper documentation availability (Act and Regulations, Certificate of Clearance, MSDS, orders by the MOL, hoist/crane certificates, etc.)

We develop these systems in conjunction with the management team to ensure that their company's standards are identified and met. We develop a safety program and identify the systems to ensure it is implemented.

We have over 17 years of experience in the construction health and safety field. Our safety experience in construction began when we worked with Fluor Daniel Canada Inc. (Ford Paint Facility) as a Safety Specialist: On that project we were responsible for the maintenance and enforcement of their existing, all encompassing construction safety programs and procedures at the 825,000 square foot, grass roots paint facility construction site. Issues regarding all process equipment including paintspray booths and associated robotics, ovens and conveyor systems, water recirculation systems, ventilation systems, fire protection and security systems, etc. were supervised. We chaired multi-union Joint Safety & Health Committee meetings, conducted site inspections, confined space analysis as well as various other construction safety related tasks.

At the end of that project we went to Xerox Canada Inc. as a Safety Specialist we were responsible for the enforcement and development of environment, safety and health standards during the construction of the second phase of Line #1. We conducted inspections, incident investigations and reported on substandard conditions. We were also the liaison for all permitting and approvals between Xerox and various agencies during the construction project. We conducted hazard analysis operability studies (HAZOPS) and made recommendations based on our findings.

We have also worked in health and safety mining / long hole drilling and government contracts.

We have also received accreditation from the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) to be an approved provider of Joint Safety and Health Committee training in the manufacturing and construction field.

The owner of the company holds the Canadian Registered Safety Professionals designation, the Certified Health and Safety Consultant designation, the international Certified Safety Professionals designation and the Construction Safety Representative certificate from the Construction Safety Association of Ontario.

Please review the table of some of our past clients and various testimonials:






Bird Construction

Commercial high rise

Multi-site inspection and safety management

Boart Longyear

Mining and Longhole drilling

Safety program development, training and multi-site safety management

Derb Tile Construction Inc.

Residential and commercial building

Safety program development

Kaneff Homes

Home builders

On-site safety management

Kings Cross Construction


Sewer and water main

Safety program development,
training and on-site safety management

LeFarge North America


Highway and Street Construction

Certification training for safety representatives

Lilja Corporation

Industrial and furnace construction

Safety program development,
training and multi-site safety management

Midas Trim Carpentry


Safety program development and training

Remington home

Home builders

Safety program development,
training and multi-site safety management

Royal Town Homes


Home builders

Safety program development,
training and multi-site safety management

Sunshine Masonry


Safety Training

Technicore Construction

Core Drilling

Safety program development,
training and multi-site safety management

Thornton Industrial Installers



Safety program development,
training and multi-site safety management

Trillium Masonry



Safety program development and training

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Chris Roach
Area Safety Manager, Eastern Canada
Lafarge North America

We hired RTS Consulting Inc. to conduct Certification Training Levels 1 & 2, in February 2006. We were very pleased with the service and professionalism of their consultant. We would recommend RTS Consulting Inc. to other companies for this type of training.

Edward A. Hayley
Vice President, Finance & Administration
Kaneff Group of Companies

RTS Consulting Inc. conducted the audit very quickly and with the utmost professionalism. We were very pleased with the thorough review and concise report provided to us, and have now retained RTS Consulting Inc. for additional work.

Vic Freeberg
Lilja Corp
Eastern Operations Manager

I contracted Stanford Brown the Founder and President of Raising the Standard Consulting Inc to manage our Corporate Safety Program which included conducting, training, generating and completing all required Provincial Construction certificates and permits. He also conducted and supervised five on site safety specialists during the project. They conducted site surveys for safety control, developed and instituted providence and site safety programs, and conducted industrial hygiene measurements for various hazardous materials. To initiate the project Stanford converted our US OSHA based health and safety manual and training requirements to the Canadian Legislation for Ontario and ensured we met all related regulations during the project.

The project value was $300 000.00 US .

I would not hesitate to recommend Stanford Brown to anyone who requires his level of expertise and leadership.

Recognition for finalizing the Xerox EH&S segment of the new process installation for Line 2 on schedule.

Received Fluor Constructors Canada Limited Safety Award for Outstanding Safety Achievement (+500,000 safe work hours) .




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