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Our judicial system and social culture has completely changed views on the responsibilities and liabilities in light of worker accidents and management responsibility. The Globe and Mail reports that 85 percent of Canadians would like to see corporate executives held accountable for workplace accidents. Supervisors are now sentenced to weeks in jail for violations of the Occupational Health and Safety Act. The governing legislation is based on the Internal Responsibility System (IRS). This leaves the responsibility for maintaining a healthy and safe workplace on the person having "direct responsibility". Workers, Supervisors and Management have responsibilities that must be adhered to at all times. We can help you limit your liability and ensure the protection of your workers by identifying, evaluating and controlling your hazards in a pro-active manner.

We can assist you by conducting legislative compliance audits, developing action plans for improvement and assisting you in the development and monitoring of specific control programs.

This will ensure you stay in compliance with your legislative and corporate health and safety responsibilities.


We will work with you to develop safety programs that are effective, practical and most importantly maintainable for your specific workplace. Initially, Raising the Standard Consulting Inc. will provide you with a true assessment of your workplace hazards and required systems to control these hazards. Through our assessment we will determine where you stand in health and safety and develop the systems that will compliment your organization's daily activities. Secondly, we will provide you with an on-going health and safety maintenance program to help you stay on track.

Creating awareness that workplace injuries are preventable will help to change attitudes about workplace safety and health. Workers and employers are becoming more knowledgeable about the importance of workplace health and safety, and the importance of providing workers with proper safety training and resources.

We also provide web-based training programs for the convenience of your organization. As well, our training modules are available in a pictorial format to accommodate organizations where English is not the primary language.
RTS Consulting Inc. specializes in:

  • Bill C-45 Training
  • Safe Community 
  • Senior Management "Due Diligence" Health,  Safety & The Law
  • Incident/Accident Investigation  
  • Job Safety Analysis  
  • EH&S Communication/Promotions
  • Designated Substance Control  
  • Behavior Modification  
  • Joint Health and Safety Committee
    Certification Training 1&2   
  • Conservation   
  • Confined Space

  • Static Control
  • Lockout Procedures 
  • Forklift Training  
  • Machine Guarding Principles 
  • Robotics  
  • Supervisor "Due diligence" 
  • Workplace Inspections 
  • EH&S Overview 
  • New Process Installation Protection
  • Construction Project Programs 
  • New Employee Orientation 
  • Noise Control/Hearing Conservation
  • First Aid Training  
  • Workwell Compliance 
  • Contractor EH&S Programs  
  • Ladders/Scaffolds    
  • Claims Management Training    
  • Slips and Falls    
  • Emergency Preparedness


RTS Consulting Inc
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Compliance Audits
Construction Safety
Continuous Improvement / Maintenance Program
Construction Services
CRSP Preparation Workshop  
Emergency Disaster
Environmental Management Systems
Growing a Green Economy
Hazard Alerts
Hazard Specific Control Modules 
Human Resources
Joint Health & Safety Committee
Certification Part 1 & 2
JHSC Registration 2014 - 1     
JHSC Registration 2014 - 2     
New WSIB Accreditation
Noise / Indoor Air Quality
OHSAS 18001 (ISO 18000)
Respirator Fit Testing
Safety Consultants
Safety Group Assistance
Safety Maintenance Program
Safety Training Courses
Sustainable development
Training & Program Development
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Web Based Safety Training
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Workwell Safety Audits

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