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Each year the WSIB identifies companies that have a poor health and safety record in terms of cost, incident frequencies and/or severity compared to similar operations. In most cases, these companies will be experiencing more lost time injuries than similar businesses, have higher compensation costs and more severe injuries than their business peers. The information that workwell uses to select companies for evaluation is based on the incident reports submitted by employers, workers and physicians.

Workwell must notify, in writing, companies that have been selected for an evaluation. Workwell shares the selection list with Health and Safety Associations, Ministry of Labour and Prevention System Partners.

The more you do to prepare for the first WSIB workwell audit the better. While it is true that companies do better on the second audit than the first, working towards passing the first audit reduces risk in the workplace faster and may bring a quick completion to the workwell process, saving time and money.

For businesses that do not obtain a passing score of 75% on the first workwell audit, a second audit will be booked for a future date usually around six months in the future. This gives you time to address all the required recommendations and improvements. RTS Consulting has qualified consultants and excellent resources to help you improve your health and safety management system.

The second audit will look at all the sections of the first audit that did not receive a passing grade. If a score of 75% or high is achieved on the second audit, the workwell process is over. Should a company score less than 75%, a premium surcharge is applied to the company.

Your organization must be aware that the government's mandate is to make an example of companies that do not manage their health and safety and that personal jail terms are levied at a maximum of twelve months per offence. The Ministry of Labour's new mandate is to levy fines in a manner to ensure the leaders and decision makers of the organizations are affected the greatest and then have the responsibility/liability go down from them. In the end, the management team must realize that the only defense is ensuring due diligence.


The process can be much less stressful than anticipated if your company is prepared. RTS Consulting can assist you by conducting a mock workwell audit which will consist of a review of your health and safety programs, training and the physical condition of your facility.

The evaluation tool we use incorporates the WSIB Workwell Audit. This allows RTS Consulting to determine the effectiveness of

your occupational health and safety programs through a documentation review, observations. practices and procedures, as well as interviews with senior staff, middle management, supervisors and workers for verification. This will allow us to get an evaluation of the quality and effectiveness of your health and safety programs.

Our intent is not just to have you pass an audit but to ensure that you have effective health and safety systems geared toward

reducing illness and injuries in your workplace. To succeed, you will need to be involved in the development and implementation process. Our methods have been proven in many industries and business cultures.

We have participated in over TWENTY audits and have a 100% pass rate.


We have averaged a savings of $100,000.00 per client. You will be in good hands under our direction.


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