RTS Safety Consultants

Growing a Green Economy

Let Raising the Standard Consulting Inc. identify and address your environment, health and safety needs as you strive towards the development and implementation of a sustainable and equitable green economy.

We can assist your efforts in the following ways:

  • Identifying and developing procedures and training in the environment, health and safety aspects of green jobs (i.e., biohazards, personal protective equipment, manual material handling, hazard material management, sharps, blood born pathogens, first aid/CPR, etc.)
  • Conducting energy auditing
  • Assessing alternative energy sources and processes through qualitative and quantitative methods (HAZOP, etc) as you do your part as we all try to reach the carbon dioxide atmospheric level of 350 ppm.
  • Facilitating hazardous waste material management
  • Conducting air, water and soil monitoring for pollutants and contamination levels
  • Providing benchmark environment, health and safety programs in agriculture and farm safety
  • Identifying and providing corrective recommendations to prevent environmental racism
  • Assist in all environment, health and safety aspects of creating a green-collar workforce
  • Ensuring employee and property safety during environmentally friendly/green construction
  • Maintaining environment, health and safety standards while depressurizing buildings

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