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Improving lives and business through raising the standard of environment, health & safety, character & integrity.

Consulting Services

RTS Consulting has attained excellence in various industries including construction, amusement parks, the food industry, retail product distribution, dry chemical, mining, steel manufacturing, health care and the education sector. Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Maintenance of the Workplace Safety Program
  • Construction Safety
  • Workwell Audit Assistance
  • Regulatory Citation Support
  • Program Evaluation Auditing and Analysis
  • Ministry of Labour Worker Health and Safety Awareness
  • Ministry of Labour Supervisor Health and Safety Awareness
  • International Workplace Compliance Audits
  • Emergency Management, Preparedness, Response and Recovery
  • Ergonomics
  • Industrial Hygiene
  • Environmental Health and Safety Program Evaluation
  • Perception Survey
  • Electrical Safety
  • Risk Assessment/Risk Management
  • Operational Risk Management
  • Pandemic Planning
  • Construction Health and Safety Technician
  • Accredited Systems Auditing (DNV)
  • Modern Safety Management (DNV)
  • Safety Program Auditing (ISRS)
  • Workplace Inspections
  • Advanced Accident Investigations (TapRoot)

Guardian Protection System - Safety Maintenance Program

RTS Consulting Inc. will manage your entire workplace health and safety program. We will provide these services with quality on-site service which can be done weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or quarterly. RTS Consulting Inc. can show you how with our Guardian Protection System (GPS). With our GPS, we will put your organization on the road to success by identifying, assessing, and controlling risks to your workers.

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Construction Project Services

Raising the Standard Consulting Inc. has provided various services such as conducting regular inspections, providing on-going health & safety supervision, developing programs and conducting training. On a regular basis we provide safety program development, training and on-site services for construction companies.

RTSC also provides support and guidance to companies seeking to achieve the Certificate of Recognition (COR) Program by identifying, evaluating, and prioritizing client effort to achieve a quality management system to ensure a successful audit.

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Compliance Audits

RTS Consulting offers compliance audits for clients who would like an understanding of where they stand in their health and safety program. Based on previous investigations, client- specific- audits will be conducted in a variety of areas.

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Environment Management Systems

RTS Consulting will control your potential environmental exposure by conducting a systematic review of all activities that could result in an adverse affect to the environment. Programs for continuous improvement and control will then be reviewed, presented and implemented with various stakeholders.

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Ergonomics and Musculoskeletal Disorder (MSD)

Current and pending workplace legislation requires companies to make job tasks and equipment ergonomically sound. Companies that experience injuries must be able to demonstrate that the tasks and equipment were suited to the needs and capabilities of the workers assigned to do the work. We can assist you in meeting the legislation and your own specific requirements.

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Growing a Green Economy

Let Raising the Standard Consulting Inc. identify and address your environment, health and safety needs as you strive towards the development and implementation of a sustainable and equitable green economy.

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Hazard Assessments

Management needs to identify and eliminate workplace hazards. This includes knowing how to do a health and safety analysis, what to do after completion of the analysis, and how to implement and communicate safety information.

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Industrial Hygiene

RTS Consulting provides consulting within the field of industrial hygiene including occupational hygiene monitoring for noise, dust, and solvents, ergonomic evaluations of work areas and job tasks, engineering and procedural control analysis, HAZOP, risk analysis, and indoor air quality evaluation, accident/incident trend analysis and physical demand analysis.

International Workplace Compliance Audits

RTS Consulting can provide workplace compliance audits that allow our clients to see the effectiveness of their safety program. Our audits typically include but are not limited to corporate policy compliance (due diligence), WSIB compliance, legislation compliance, environment, health & safety management system audits. Occupational health and safety programs, hazardous materials, waste audits and waste reduction work plans, packaging audits, recycling management and GAP analysis.

Occupational Health & Safety Training & Program Development

RTS Consulting will work with you to develop safety programs that are effective, practical and most importantly maintainable for your specific workplace. First, we will provide you with a true assessment of your workplace hazards and required systems to control these hazards. Through our assessment we will determine where you stand in health and safety and develop the systems that will compliment your organization's daily activities. Second, we will provide you with an on-going health and safety maintenance program to help you stay on track.

Risk Management (Safety, Claims & Wrap-up Administration)

RTS Consulting works with clients to develop a custom corporate safety, health and environmental program or site specific accident prevention program based on sound principles of risk management. We also proactively manage the claims process to ensure that claimants receive proper care, while serving as an advocate and advisor to settle claims with our clients' best interest in mind.

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Safety Culture Evaluations

RTS Consulting will evaluate, assess, and improve the safety culture and lines of communication between senior management, front line supervision, and other employees and recommend improvements to your health and safety culture. We accomplish this by evaluating the health and safety perceptions, attitudes and behaviours. From this you will be able to develop goals and measurable outcomes that will enable you to cultivate an environment where everyone shares the responsibility of environment health and safety.

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Workwell Audit Assistance

The Workwell program is an audit tool used by the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board of Ontario to implement section 82(1) of the Workplace Safety and Insurance Act. The purpose of the auditing tool is to identify organizations that unfairly add to the assessment burden of their rate group through high claim costs or frequency and regain those costs through fines based on the organization’s audit score.

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WSIB Accreditation for Ontario Workplaces

WSIB is initiating an Accreditation Program for Ontario Workplaces, it will be a voluntary program that sets a specific standard for recognition of superior health and safety management systems and will recognize employers who meet that standard. Accreditation will motivate good workplace programs and practices and embed health and safety “recognition” as a prerequisite for doing business in Ontario.

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Worker's Compensation Services

Raising The Standard’s unique experience has seen the successful appeal [up to and including the WSIAT level] of such a wide range of Workers’ Compensation issues as: Claims Entitlement, Employer Classification, Workwell, SIEF, Experience Rating, and WS&IB Revenue Audits.

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