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Management needs to identify and eliminate workplace hazards. This includes knowing how to do a health and safety analysis, what to do after completion of the analysis, and how to implement and communicate safety information.

Raising the Standard Consulting Inc. has years of experience in a variety of industries and business cultures .

The purpose of the Hazard Analysis is to ensure all employees are protected against Health and Safety hazards, and work in a healthy and safe environment. Results can include:

  • Increased knowledge of the dangers inherent in the tasks of employees.
  • Enhanced safety awareness and improved safety dialogue and communication amongst employees.
  • Improved focus for workplace safety inspections.
  • Improved risk management leading to increased accident prevention.
  • Compliance with the Occupational Health and Safety Act.  

Recognizing and assessing hazards is the first step to controlling or eliminating risk. Methods of doing this include observation and reporting, inspection, task analysis, and trend identification.

Factors that contribute to making a job hazardous are identified as (also known as PEMEP):

  • People (safety training),
  • Equipment,
  • Materials,
  • Environment and
  • Process (the way the work is done).


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