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Continuous Improvement / Maintenance Program Objective

RTS Consulting will provide you with a customized and comprehensive health and safety program that is guaranteed to benefit your workplace environment.

The objective of the Work Place Safety Program is to develop effective health and safety systems geared toward reducing illness and injuries in your workplace and develop a culture of continuous improvement. .

Program Elements

  • Hazard Assessments
  • Safe Operating Procedures for high risk tasks
  • Health and Safety Procedures (Manual)
  • Training Needs Analysis
  • Action Plan addressing hazards
  • Committee Meeting Facilitation
  • Training

Ongoing Monitoring, Continuous Improvement, Safety Program Analysis and Objectives Development, Reports outlining corrections / improvements RTS will manage your project to ensure that your efforts are effective and timely by providing guidance, action plans, training programs and systems evaluations.

  • Consultants complete Progress Reports after each client visit.
  • RTS reviews all material before it is given to the client.
  • Monthly reports and reviews are scheduled with the client to ensure the quality of services provided meets the RTS Consulting standard.

We will assist senior management in maintaining a continuous improvement model to ensure their activities are in compliance with their legal responsibilities. Our efforts will also affect the JHSC/safety committee as we assist them in their roles and responsibilities. We will assist you in remaining compliant with the latest legislation, and enable you to communicate any changes to your route managers.

We will ensure the quality of your safety program through our maintenance phase which will include:

  • Annual reviews of your health and safety program
  • Annual training needs analyses
  • Provide and monitor training requirements
  • Mentoring/assistance meetings with your Joint Health and Safety Committee
  • Immediate response to your health and safety concerns
  • Monitor inspections (Senior manager, route managers and JHSC)
  • Tracking and assisting in the implementation of all health and safety procedures
  • Monitor the keeping of up-to-date MSDS
  • Monthly updates to senior management on the status of the Health and Safety program
  • Plan, organize, monitor and maintain health and safety activities

Benefits of RTS Consulting's Continuous Improvement and Maintenance Program

  • Save Dollars
  • Reduced customer and employee injuries
  • Reduced employee absenteeism
  • Reduced Training Costs
  • Establish and maintain “Due Diligence”
  • Assured Provincial and Federal legislation compliance
  • Decreased employee turnover
  • Increased employee morale

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