Guardian Protection System – Safety Maintenance

RTS Consulting Inc. will manage your entire workplace health and safety program. We will provide these services with quality on-site service which can be done weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or quarterly. RTS Consulting Inc. can show you how with our Guardian Protection System (GPS). With our GPS, we will put your organization on the road to success by identifying, assessing, and controlling risks to your workers.

We have partnered with hundreds of organizations over the last 20+ years and have identified the key elements that every organization must maintain to stay on the path to zero accidents. You will always know where you are because we will provide you with regular progress updates so that you will be a part of the process and know where the program is going at all times. RTS Consulting will ensure you are on the most cost efficient and direct route to zero accidents and improved health and safety.

We will identify your hazards then provide you with safe operating policies and procedures along with workplace specific training. We will assist you with monthly inspections as well as with accident investigation and reporting. We will monitor your progress towards your destination and ensure your goals are communicated to your employees.

The Guardian Protection System is an affordable safety management solution that will guide you through the obstacles of time, emergencies, and changing legislation, and it will also help you to keep your employees motivated.