Risk Management
(Safety, Claims & Wrap-up Administration Services)

RISK MANAGEMENT - Safety Related Services

We work with our clients to develop a custom corporate safety, health and environmental program or site specific accident prevention program (in accordance with the Corps of Engineers EM 385 or OSHA/HIOSH requirements) based on sound principles of risk management, including:

  • Accident Investigation & Crisis Management: We are available 24/7 for on-site response, investigation and analysis to identify causes and develop action plans for the prevention of future occurrences. We also assist in minimizing and surviving the impact of a high profile loss.
  • Technical Advice: We provide our expertise on regulatory matters (OSHA/HIOSH, Corps of Engineers, DOT), risk management and safety program issues. This includes navigating the regulatory inspection and appeals process as well as providing expert witness services.
  • Program Evaluation, Analysis and Planning: We work with our client's team to conduct Cultural and Program Analysis with recommendations for improvement. We have proven best management practices to assist you in planning and implementing safety management on a corporate or project specific basis.
  • SHARP and VPP Preparation: Our team of experienced VPP recipients can assist you in evaluating and preparing for admission into OSHA and HIOSH special recognition programs.
  • Safety Training: We provide qualified and competent instructors to conduct on-site training in effective safety management principles, industry best practices, OSHA/HIOSH, DOT and Corps of Engineers EM 385 regulatory requirements.


RISK MANAGEMENT - Claims Related Services

We proactively manage the claims process to ensure that claimants receive proper care, while serving as an advocate and advisor to settle claims with our clients' best interest in mind. Our highly qualified claims professionals assist with all aspects of claims management, including:

  • Scheduled Claims Review: Periodically review claims with clients to promote open communication, understanding and effective claims handling.
  • Accident Investigation: Report immediately to the scene of serious accidents and assist in all necessary investigation with insureds, claimants, adjusters, and authorities.
  • Coverage Review and Negotiation: Research policy language and negotiate with insurance company personnel to ensure claims are settled with the client's interest as a top priority.
  • Cause Analysis, Trends and Consultation: Analyze and verify loss data, causes and trends and suggest ways for clients to make improvements that help protect their employees and other assets.
  • Employee Claims Training: Provide on-site claims training services for clients to ensure the client and their staff understand the claims process.


RISK MANAGEMENT - Wrap-up Administration Services

Our wrap-up team has over 10 years of hands on experience in setting up and running wrap up insurance programs for our clients. We are involved in all aspects of administering wrap-ups including feasibility analysis, program marketing, contract development, program manuals, coordination of safety and claims services, payroll deductions and financial tracking, as well as drug testing and medical service setup.

  • Financial Tracking: Report all financial data in understandable terms, including premiums paid, insurance deductions, claims costs, and projections of profitability.
  • Safety and Claims Services: Consult with the owner and prime contractor to determine what safety and claims management program is best suited for the specific project. We evaluate, advise, and train personnel as needed to ensure the success of the program.
  • Issuance of Subcontractor Policies and Certificates: Review, issue and provide policies and insurance certificates to all enrolled contractors.
  • Payroll Deduction Processing: Obtain payroll information from all subcontractors on a monthly or quarterly basis to calculate accurate insurance amounts owed and report to the owner or general contractor for proper deductions.

We provide comprehensive consulting services to help employers of various sizes as well as local governments to comply with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations. By complying with the OSHA regulations, employers can reduce work related illnesses, injuries as well as accidents. Worker’s compensation costs can be reduced. We have former State Compliance officer as well as Certified Industrial Hygienist and Certified Safety Professional. Some of the services we offer are:

  • Compliance audits to be ready for a real OSHA
  • Industrial hygiene surveys for Air Contaminants and
  • Indoor Air Quality
  • Mold
  • Evaluation and Design of Safety Related Engineering Controls e.g. industrial ventilation, machinery guarding and fire

Litigation Assistance, e.g., OSHA liaison, expert witness and penalty negotiation