Construction Services (SSHO, Program Development & Training)


For the organizations identified below Raising the Standard Consulting Inc. has provided various services such as conducting regular inspections, providing on-going safety & health supervision, developing programs and conducting training.

On a regular basis we provide:

  1. Safety program development for:
    • Hazard specific procedures
    • First aid provisions and emergency procedures
    • Incident notification, investigation and follow-up procedures
    • Inspections
    • Site safety requirements (material storage, personal protective equipment, equipment and machinery, public and occupant safety, personal conduct, etc.)
    • Discipline procedures
  2. Training requirements:
    • Identify worker training under the Act and Construction Regulation (GHS, first-aid/CPR) that needs to be carried out
    • Identify certification, trade, competent persons and specific training requirements including confined space, scaffold erection, cranes, forklift, fall protection, PPE, health hazards, electrical safety and rigging
  3. On Site Activity:
    • Provide Site Safety & Health Officers (SSHO) Level 1-6
    • Review contractor & site supervisor's responsibilities. Ensure general health and safety rules are being implemented. Identify progressive discipline where required.
    • Conduction project safety and health toll box meetings and verify subcontractors’ representatives to the Safety Committee (meeting minutes, inspections, etc.)
    • Ensure proper documentation availability (Act and Regulations, Certificate of Clearance, SDS, orders by OSHA/HIOSH, hoist/crane certificates, etc.)

We develop these systems in conjunction with the management team to ensure that the company's standards are identified and met. We develop a safety program and identify the systems to ensure it is implemented.

We have over 25 years of experience in the construction safety and health field. Our safety experience in construction began when Stanford Brown worked with Fluor Daniel Canada Inc. (Ford Paint Facility) as a Safety Specialist: On that project he was responsible for the maintenance and enforcement of their existing, all encompassing construction safety programs and procedures at the 825,000 square foot, grass roots paint facility construction site. Issues regarding all process equipment including paintspray booths and associated robotics, ovens and conveyor systems, water recirculation systems, ventilation systems, fire protection and security systems, etc. were supervised. He chaired multi-union Joint Safety & Health Committee meetings, conducted site inspections, confined space analysis as well as various other construction safety related tasks.

At the end of that project Stanford went to Xerox Canada Inc. as a Safety Specialist where he was responsible for the enforcement and development of environment, safety and health standards during the construction of the second phase of Line #1. He conducted inspections, incident investigations and reported on substandard conditions. He was also the liaison for all permitting and approvals between Xerox and various agencies during the construction project. He conducted hazard analysis operability studies (HAZOPS) and made recommendations based on our findings.

Stanford has also worked in health and safety mining / long hole drilling and government contracts.


Recognition for finalizing the Xerox EH&S segment of the new process installation for Line 2 on schedule.

Received Fluor Constructors Canada Limited Safety Award for Outstanding Safety Achievement (+500,000 safe work hours).