Safety Trained Supervisor (STS) in Construction – 3-day course

$850.00 per person (min. 5 people)

Participants are given a brief overview of the certification and the certification process. Each participant is guided through the completion of their application and documentation required in order to submit a complete application.

Instruction is presented on topical matters relevant to the particular certification examination. This instruction consists of both lecture and group discussion. On completion of the instruction, participants are given a mock examination to review materials presented and prepare them for the actual testing protocol.

The Safety Trained Supervisor in Construction Course will meet the Examination Blue Print changes of the Board of Safety Professionals. Topics include:

  • Conduct risk assessments by performing pre - task hazard analyses and evaluating personal protective equipment (PPE), tools, equipment, and job expectations, in order to mitigate hazardous conditions and minimize the risk of incident or injury.
  • Confirm that employees have the necessary job - specific technical skills and qualifications by observing work practices or reviewing training records in order to ensure competent staff.
  • Ensure that personnel in the work area are oriented to safety and health considerations by communicating hazardous conditions and monitoring behaviors in order to help ensure that applicable rules and emergency action plans are understood.
  • Evaluate work practices by observing employees' behavior and their use of PPE, tools, and equipment in order to minimize the risk of incident or injury and to comply with applicable standards.
  • Ensure safety and health standards are implemented through coaching and by correcting observed deficiencies in order to maintain a safe and healthful work environment.
  • Take appropriate action when confronted with unsafe acts and conditions by exercising stop -work authority, modifying tasks, escalating issues to higher management, consulting with qualified professionals (when the matter is outside the scope of the supervisor's capabilities, etc.) and disciplining employees in order to minimize the risk of incident or injury.
  • Facilitate a positive, proactive safety culture by anticipating hazards, modeling and coaching safe behavior, reporting incidents, encouraging employee participation, and communicating performance measures in order to enhance safety and health.
  • Evaluate employees using safety performance and behavior as key criteria in order to hold employees accountable for safety.
  • Participate in investigations that determine causes, identify corrective actions, document lessons learned, and address employee concerns using recognized investigation techniques in order to minimize the risk of workplace incidents.
  • Verify the effectiveness of emergency action plans through training and practice in order to ensure effective response in crises.
  • Coordinate operations and work processes with other supervisors by communicating effectively in order to minimize risk.
  • Perform safety and health related record keeping in accordance with applicable standards using established procedures in order to document essential processes.
  • Comply with company and STS codes of ethics by resolving issues consistently with these.

Course materials will consist of lecture materials accompanied by PowerPoint slides containing content consistent with the applicable examination and standards and best practice.


All training sessions can be presented on-site at any location/state (including any of the Hawaii state islands).

( Lanai , Kauai , Oahu , Maui , Molokai and Hawaii (Big Island ))

*A substantial discount will be given for large groups. Please call for special group pricing.

Please note: training occurring on weekends and holidays will be subject to an additional 25% rate increase.