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The Challenge

Find out where you stand, develop a plan to fill the gaps and implement it for success.
Meet the challenge with RTS Consulting (USA) Inc.


Could your organization withstand:

  • Being without valued employees because of work related injuries?
  • Being responsible for a lost life?
  • Consoling a devastated family after the loss of a loved one because of your negligence?
  • Loss of company image and reputation after a fatality?
  • The scrutiny of surprise investigations or accident investigations by OSHA, Police and the Workers' Compensation Board?
  • Workers’ Compensation fines for having inadequate health, and safety programs?
  • Increasingly stringent and complicated regulations regarding environment, safety and health?

At Raising the Standard Consulting (USA) Inc. we know that the future of your business depends on the efficiency and skills of your employees. Getting and implementing the right safety program and acquiring relevant safety training is essential. RTS Consulting and our professional safety consultants are industry leaders in providing customized solutions to help improve the lives of your employees as well as your bottom line.

Let us assist you in managing your safety and health responsibilities and save you lost profits! RTS Consulting not only desires to serve your company in the present, but to build a relationship of trust and reliability to ensure the safety of your workers in the future.

Let us manage your safety program!

Our Program

RTS Consulting can put your organization on the road to success with our Guardian Protection System (GPS) by identifying, assessing and controlling risks to your workers. We have partnered with hundreds of organizations over the last 25 years and have identified key elements which every organization must maintain to stay on the path to zero accidents. 

Our Process

We will identify your hazards, provide you with safety operating policies & procedures and workplace specific training. We will assist you with your monthly inspections accident investigation and reporting. We will monitor your progress towards your destination and ensure your goals are communicated to your employees.

Our Promise

The Guardian Protection System (GPS) will direct you to your destination. You will always know where you are and we will ensure you are on the most cost efficient and direct route to zero accidents and improved safety and health. The GPS program will help you save on the cost of injuries and injury related absences by providing a safe working environment for your employees. The program will keep your training costs low and ensure legislative compliance while increasing employee morale.