OSHA Training

OSHA Inspection Preparedness – 2-hour course
$55.00 per person (min. 8 people)

This 2 hour course will cover what things an employer or on site employer representative must know when dealing with an OSHA Inspection. Learn what the inspectors need to do to identify themselves. Can you make an inspector wait or not? Can the inspector question employees without a management representative being a part of it? Learn the overall process of how an OSHA Inspection is carried out:

•  Identification of the Inspector
•  Opening Conference
•  Inspection Tour
•  Closing Conference

All training sessions can be presented on-site at any location/state (including any Hawaii state islands).

( Lanai , Kauai , Oahu , Maui , Molokai and Hawaii (Big Island ))

*A substantial discount will be given for large groups. Please call for special group pricing.

Please note: training occurring on weekends and holidays will be subject to an additional 25% rate increase.