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Improving lives and business through raising the standard of environment, health & safety, character & integrity.

Continuous Improvement / Maintenance Program

Program Objective

The objective of the Work Place Safety Program is to develop effective safety and health systems geared toward reducing illness and injuries in your workplace and develop a culture of continuous improvement.

Our methods have been proven in many industries and business cultures. Our continuous improvement model stands the test of time.

We have participated in numerous government audits and have a 100% pass rate. We have saved the last ten organizations over one million dollars in levied surcharges! We have averaged a savings of $100,000.00 per client. You will be in good hands under our direction.

Program Elements

  • Hazard Assessments
  • Safe Operating Procedures for High Risk Tasks
  • Health and Safety Procedures (Manual)
  • Training Needs Analysis
  • Action Plan Addressing Hazards
  • Committee Meeting Facilitation
  • Training
  • Ongoing Monitoring, Continuous Improvement, Safety Program Analysis and Objectives Development, Reports outlining corrections / improvements


RTS Consulting Inc. focuses on client-driven services through the use of proven systematic problem-solving methods to develop performance-based solutions.

RTS will manage your project to ensure that your efforts are effective and timely by providing guidance, action plans, training programs and systems evaluations.

  • Consultants complete Progress Reports after each client visit.
  • RTS reviews all material before it is given to the client.
  • Monthly reports and reviews are scheduled with the client to ensure the quality of services provided meets the RTS Consulting standard.

We will be in constant contact with you and provide monthly reports on action items, responsibilities and time lines. We will assist senior management in maintaining a continuous improvement model to ensure their activities are in compliance with their legal responsibilities. We will assist you in remaining compliant with the latest legislation, and enable you to communicate any changes to your route managers.

We will ensure the quality of your safety program through our maintenance phase which will include:

  • Annual reviews of your health and safety program
  • Annual training needs analyses
  • Provide and monitor training requirements
  • Mentoring/assistance meetings with your Joint Health and Safety Committee
  • Immediate response to your health and safety concerns
  • Monitor inspections (Senior manager, route managers)
  • Tracking and assisting in the implementation of all health and safety procedures
  • Monitor the keeping of up-to-date MSDS
  • Monthly updates to senior management on the status of the Health and Safety program
  • Plan, organize, monitor and maintain health and safety activities

Project Management Process

  1. For each client we will establish a reporting structure and tentative meeting and implementation schedule
  2. Identify issues in the organization which may effect the project and identify corrective actions
  3. Identify specific priorities with the client
  4. Communicate to the senior staff and employees that the organization is being proactive to improve the health and safety program and our combined roles in the project
  5. Establish a schedule (action plan) with the project team
  6. Create a legislative audit that incorporates the legislation that governs their activities and corporate safety program and culture
  7. Conduct the audit, documentation review, interviews, physical inspection and criteria form
  8. Identify and evaluate hazards
  9. Document accident incident analysis and claim cost experience
  10. Continually spend time on the floor to verify and clarify issues
  11. Develop Safe Operating Procedures
  12. Develop training programs and review with management and create an action plan to conduct training/communication with managers, supervisors and workers
  13. Implement the procedures to all employees
  14. Establish a filing and safety document management system
  15. Conduct further evaluations to identify the project's effectiveness at the end of the project and at pre-determined intervals at least on an annual basis to ensure continuous improvement

Why Select RTS Consulting Inc.

  • Experience
  • Our Track Record
  • Our Staff
  • One-Stop-Shop
  • Our Professional and Client Driven Approach
  • Flexibility / know how to bring parts together
  • Our Commitment to Raising the Standard in every aspect of Health and Safety Consulting and ensuring continuous improvement