RTS Consulting US Client List

Alaka'i Mechanical
Alaska Universal Services
Alex & Son Builders, LLC
Alfreda Trawick
Ameron Hawaii
Ansaldo Honolulu
Aqua Engineers
Arita/Poulson General Contracting
Armstrong Builders LLC
Atwood Hay Inc.
Big Island Clean Living Medina
Blue Pacific Window Cleaning
Bureau Veritas, North America
Chawenson & Associated Ltd.
CK Construction Corp.
CMS Corporation
David Boland, Inc.
Dawson Technical, LLC
District Council 50
DOE, Sfty,Sec. & Emerg. Prep.
Dorvin D. Leis Co. Inc.
Drayko Hawaii
Ducworks Inc.
EPC Service Inc.
Eric W. Johnson
Fastenal Company
General Trades Services Inc.
Gilbane Company
Glads Tree Trimming
Glen Mar Hawaii
Goodfellow Bros. Inc.
Gramercy USA
Haseko Construction Mgmt. Group, Inc.

Hawaii Energy Connection
HawaiiEnergy Systems
HawaiiGeophysical Services
Hawaii Reserves Inc.
Hawaiian Cement
Health & Safety Consultants of America
Hensel Phelps
HFW KPRS HawaiiJoint Venture
Honolulu Builders
Honolulu Cookie Co.
l&L Rentals
lmua Landscaping
lnglett & Stubbs International
Integrated Security Technologies Inc.
Island Ready Mix Concrete
lslandwide Solar Inc.
ITT Systems Corp.
Jade Painting Inc.
JW lnc.
Ka Moi Construction, Inc.
Kendall Service LLC
Keoni O'Keefe
KIUC - Kapaia Power Station
Kula Glass Company Inc.
Landscape Hawaii
Lewis Electric
Liquid Robots
Lorman Education Services
Manu Kai LLC

MCM Consulting, LLC
Mega-Healy Tibbitts Builders
Mei Corporation
Mitsunaga & Associates Inc.
MRC Roofing, LLC
Nan Inc.
Nordic PCL Construction, Inc.
Oasis Environmental Group LLC
PAC Electric Co., Inc.
Pacific Islands Construction
Pacific Shipyards International
Pacific Wireless Communications LLC
Pint Size Corporation
Prometheus Construction
ProService Hawaii
PSI General Contractors
R&C Enterprises, LLC
Reflections Glass Kauai
RF Stearns
Risk Solution Partners LLC
Road & Highway Builders
Road Builders
Road Safety Services and Design
Ronald McDonald House Charities of ...
Rosendin Electric
Royal Contracting
Sara Cox

Scott Goldstein
Stanford R. Brown
StarCom Builders Inc.
Structural Pest Control
Su-Mo Builders Inc.
Sullivan International Group, Inc.
Tawh iri Power, LLC
Tile Warehouse, Inc.
Tomco Corp.
Tower Construction Inc.
Trane U.S. Inc.
U.S. Department of Health and Human...
Walsh Construction
Ward Higa
Warrior Contracting
Watts Constructors
Wiliam Naone Jr.
WorkWell Associates, Inc.

Steve Mohammad - Vice President 

Insight Pacific, LLC

On behalf of Insight Pacific LLC (IPL), I wish to express our appreciation to Raising The Standard Consulting (USA), Inc. (RTS Consulting) for its safety and health services and efforts.  RTS Consulting provided Site Safety and Health Officer (SSHO) and Alternate SSHO services on two of our construction projects for NAVFAC-Hawaii:

  • Repair Base Recycling Center, Building 132, Marine Corps Base, Hawaii Contract Task Order No. 0007
  • Replace HVAC System, Building 1073H, Joint Base Pearl Harbor Hickam, Hawaii

Contract Task Order No. 0009

We appreciate your dedication and professionalism in ensuring that all of our project personnel and our subcontracts’ personnel maintained compliance with all safety and health throughout the projects.  Working at these military installations are challenging and can present logistical difficulties.  RTS Consultant’s integration with our project team was seamless and effective.

Thank you for performing as a valued member of our team.  We look forward to working with RTS Consulting again.

Bruce Bilodeau - Quality Control Manager

Watts Construction 

With RTSC staff currently onboard, impact is evident with improved daily oversight of safety aspects for ongoing work. in addition, direct communications with the field workers to address the inadequate safety measures and ineffective compliance with PPE requirements is occurring in a manner which established accountability without rancor. RTS Consulting's approach is definitely enhancing the safety culture on the jobsite. 

Rocky Brooke - Project Manager 

Inglett & Stubbs International  

Inglett & Stubbs International is based out of Atlanta, GA and have been working on Camp H. M. Smith  since October 2014 installing generators as part of the SPIDERS project. Our previous SSHO left us  without notice and, being a military project, that role is essential for operation. 

 RTSC staff arrived onsite with professionalism and expertise. Their interaction not only with subordinates  but also the customer inspired confidence in the culture of safety he worked to create. Their attitude  toward work was exemplary, always willing to lend a hand or offer advice while keeping the broader  scope of work in focus. While they were not here with us very long, his influence has remained.    Please feel free to contact me directly if you have any questions.           

Stephen T. Leis - President

Dorvin D. Leis Co. inc.

Mr. Stanford Brown was contracted by Dorvin D. Leis Co., Inc. to oversee all aspects of the company's safety program from June 2011 through August 2012. These responsibilities included, but were not limited to, Safety Training, on-site safety visits, OHSA compliance and reporting, equipment certifications, etc.

Mr. Brown is knowledgeable and competent in his safety responsibilities and performed his duties in a satisfactory manner. Mr. Brown's proactive training and on-site observations helped keep the company's

Experience Modification Rating well below the industry average which allowed us to maintain our favorable Workers' Compensation insurance rates and most importantly, keep our employees safe.

Please feel free to contact me at (808) 877-3902 if any additional information is needed.

Keenan Wilson - General Foreman

Dorvin D. Leis Co. inc.

I met Stanford Brown while he worked at Dorvin D. Leis, Inc. He was our Safety Director and I am a General Foreman currently employed there. He worked on a few of my jobs and was very knowledgeable about safety issues.

He assisted me on several occasions on purchasing my safety equipment and getting what my workmen needed to be compliant. He was also prompt in returning my phone calls and answering my questions.

He was a quick problem solver and very efficient. He was always courteous and very well liked by the employees. He was very professional and effective.

 Vic Freeberg - Eastern Operations Manager 

Lilja Corp.

I contracted Stanford Brown the Founder and President of Raising the Standard Consulting Inc to manage our Corporate Safety Program which included conducting, training, generating and completing all required Provincial Construction certificates and permits. He also conducted and supervised five on site safety specialists during the project. They conducted site surveys for safety control, developed and instituted providence and site safety programs, and conducted industrial hygiene measurements for various hazardous materials. To initiate the project Stanford converted our US OSHA based safety and health manual and training requirements to the Canadian Legislation for Ontario and ensured we met all related regulations during the project.

The project value was $300 000.00 US.

I would not hesitate to recommend Stanford Brown to anyone who requires his level of expertise and leadership.

Brad Espedal Project - Manager

Honolulu Builders

On behalf of Honolulu Builders, I would like to express gratitude for having the opportunity of working with Stanford Brown as our safety manager these last months on the Monsanto Kunia Foundation Expansion project. Stanford’s credentials which were submitted with his resume included his CSP certification and his seventeen years of experience were initially impressive. Accepting him as our safety manager for our project was an easy choice. However, what I had not expected was the high level of professionalism exhibited by Stanford.

On the Monsanto project Stanford initiated what we have come to call On The Spot Safety Training (OSST). Rather than hold a daily safety huddle Stanford gives safety advice and training on site throughout the day that really is task specific rather than the broader topics usually covered in huddles or toolbox talks.

This project has had as many as 60 tradesmen on site at any given time. I would say that Stanford’s influence has had a positive effect on every single worker on site allowing them to be more safety conscious.

Over the years I have had the opportunity to work with many safety professionals on site as well as those consultants representing insurance companies who come to my projects. None of them have ever shown me the in depth knowledge of OSHA standards that Stanford has. Stanford has raised the bar for what I would consider a safety professional.

If you ever need a recommendation from our company for Stanford on any future project do not hesitate to have them call me directly at (808) 306-0880.

Dennis Billings - General Superintendent

Honolulu Builders

Please allow this Letter serve as a "Positive Reference" to and for Stanford Brown as a Safety Professional. Stanford has served as a Safety Professional for Honolulu Builders on all of our Construction Projects throughout the Hawaiian Islands. His skills as a Safety Professional have provided Our Projects with High Quality Training, Guidance and Leadership in all aspects of Safety.

His knowledge of HIOSH and OSHA Regulations has been invaluable to Our Company and Our Project Staff. His ability to Train our Employee's has been exemplary and has helped create Safe Work Environments on all of our Projects. Our Staff Employee's have greatly benefitted from having Stanford as a part of Our Team.

Stanford has also help Honolulu Builders improve our Safety Culture as a Company and has been a very valuable asset to our Company.

Destiny Nelson

Honolulu Builders

In the fast pace commercial construction business it has been my pleasure and honor to work with such a professional and consciences individual as Standford Brown. His attention to detail and hard work ethics has not only saved our company money in reducing risk, but has kept our employees and our trade partners employees safer and healthier. He has provided special training programs for not only our own employees, but for everyone that steps through my jobsite gates. With the risk of injuries reduced my schedule and budgets increase making my jobsite more timely and profitable.

Standford Brown is always just a phone call away to answer any question or to give personal safety advice for any situation. No matter how great we think we are doing as safety conscience superintendents, Standford is sure to find something we can improve on during his monthly safety visits and safety audits. It has been my sincere pleasure working with Standford and look forward to working with him in the future.

Tamara Berger - Director of Human Resources


Mr. Standford Brown was contracted by Sunetric. to consult and give guidance on the company's safety program since 2011. These responsibilities included, but were not limited to, Safety Training, on-site safety visits, OHSA compliance and reporting, equipment certifications, etc.

Mr. Brown and his staff are knowledgeable and have been critical to the success of our safety program.

Please feel free to contact me at (808) 262-6600 x 321 if any additional information is needed.

Edward A. Hayley - Vice President, Finance & Administration

Kaneff Group of Companies

RTS Consulting Inc. conducted the audit very quickly and with the utmost professionalism. We were very pleased with the thorough review and concise report provided to us, and have now retained RTS Consulting Inc. for additional work.

Darrell Flewell - Comptroller

Chemcraft International Inc.

Chemcraft International Inc. would like to express their appreciation and gratitude in regards to RTS Consulting Inc.'s help with the preparation for the Workwell audit. They were very professional, organized and knowledgeable when assisting us to prepare for the audit. They were very dependable, reliable and were willing to put in the extra effort to ensure we would do well.

 David Caberlin - Plant Manager

Shirlon Plastics Inc.

I highly recommend RTS Consulting Inc.'s services to any company looking at improving their safety program or specifically focused on a Workwell Audit.

 Tracy Bryce - Health & Safety Specialist

Boart Longyear

We were pleased by the commitment paid by RTS Consulting to meeting our training needs, and the calibre of their instructors. Their knowledge and willingness to share their experience and advice contributes to the success of our health and safety initiatives. 

Tony Cimino - Manager, Workplace Safety & Disability Management

Rogers Communications Inc.

We found the training we received covered the mandatory topics extremely well. We would also give this company credit for good follow-up and an understanding of our training needs. The facilitator was well versed in all subject areas and presented the material in a clear, comprehensive manner.

Jo-Ann Latham - Director, Human Resources

The Shopping Channel

To all at RTS Consulting; thank you so much for the “Health and Safety Training – Federal Legislation” you recently provided to our management team. I was delighted to hear the participants wished the session had been longer – a tremendous accomplishment which reflects the relevance and interest generated by the content and presentation style.

The Session Leader was dynamic and most certainly “knew his stuff”. Well done!

Heather Larsen - Director, EH&S

CPI Plastics Group Ltd.

We wish to thank you for helping us understand the intent of each point of the audit, providing us with essential advice, and assistance with policy creation. Our foundation was solid as we reached our second audit in achieving a very successful final score of 86%. We would be delighted to recommend your services to other organizations who are seeking customized services in respect to either a Workwell Audit or raising health and safety awareness.